When to Use MLA Format: Disciplines and Writing Assignments Worksheet

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Check your knowledge with this MLA Format and Writing Assignment Worksheet with 10 exercises. Make sure your writing assignment requires using the MLA guide when the assignment does not specify which format to use.

When to Use MLA Format: Disciplines and Writing Assignments


For each of the exercises below, decide whether you would use MLA format. You do not have to specify what format is required instead of MLA. A simple yes or no response is sufficient.

  • An essay on the number of English-speaking people in third-world countries.

  • A psychology-based research paper on longevity and left-handedness.

  • A literary critique of “Ethan Frome” by Edith Wharton.

  • An essay examining the causes and effects of above-average winter temperatures.

  • A paper on the long-term effects of growing up as the child of an alcoholic.

  • An essay arguing that recycling plastic does not have enough of positive impact on the environment.

  • An essay that makes the claim that the death penalty is a just form of punishment.

  • An essay that examines various studies conducted on the causes of autism.

  • A paper on the short- and long-term benefits of eating well and exercising regularly.

  • An essay comparing the written works of Socrates and Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsch.