When to Use APA Format: Disciplines and Writing Assignments Worksheet

APA Guide

Practice deciding your paper format with this APA Format and Writing Assignments worksheet. Ten exercises give you example papers and paper topics that ask you to determine if you should write following the APA Guide.

When to Use APA Format: Disciplines and Writing Assignments


For each of the exercises below, mark with a “yes” or “no” whether you would use the APA format. A simple answer is sufficient; you do not need to identify the format most likely required when the answer is “no.”

  • A paper arguing that culture is the most important factor in defining gender roles.

  • A paper examining the causes of an economic recession and the long-term effects on the global economy.

  • An essay examining the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs that target repeat criminal offenders.

  • A review of literature that examines the correlation between cell phone usage and car accidents.

  • A written presentation of your research examining how income levels influence associations with a particular political party.

  • A literary review of “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger..

  • An essay on how changing federal regulations governing employer-provided healthcare impact small businesses with respect to the number of new employees they hire and the wages they pay those employees.

  • A report on frequency and short- and long-term effects of PTSD in U.S. soldiers returning from service during times of war.

  • A research paper on the differences, benefits and drawbacks of palliative care versus hospice care in terminally ill patients.

  • A paper examining how the difficulty in translating Chinese medicine affects the use and understanding of this type of medicine.