Presenting Evidence in APA Format

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Test your knowledge using this Presenting Evidence in APA Format Worksheet to ensure you properly use numbers when following the APA Guide. Ten exercises give an example sentence from a research paper, and you must identify when the correct format is not followed.

Presenting Evidence in APA Format Worksheet


For each of the exercises below, circle any numbers that are incorrectly formatted according to the APA format. For any numbers that are incorrect, write the correct format above or below the number.

  • The research indicates that a large % of people are unaware of what their insurance plan covers.

  • The participants included four-year old, 12-year old and 24-year old participants.

  • The research showed the following:

  • 1. Those who participated in the study were more likely to incorporate healthy eating into their long-term lifestyle.

    2. 10 percent of participants did not complete the questionnaires with accurate information.

    3. That eating healthy as a child influenced participants’ adult eating habit.

  • The average contribution of each participant was twelve dollars.

  • The study covered a period of eight weeks, with each participant logging their food intake for at least 5 days of each week.

  • Roughly ½ of the participants chose to record food intake information for all seven days of the week.

  • The other 50 percent of participants recorded information for the specified number of days.

  • On days one through 12, participants were asked to cut out at least one unhealthy item from their normal food intake.

  • On days 13-24, participants were asked to cut their calorie intake by 25% if it exceeded the normal intake range identified for their age, height and weight.

  • Of the original participants, 4 did not complete the assessments given during the research period.