Revision Process: Improving the Strength of Your Paper Worksheet

Research Writing: Writing Process

Practice with this Revision Process Worksheet by examining a paper to determine if revisions should be made to strengthen the research writing. Through completing a number of exercises, you can work through the process as practice for your next research paper.

Revision Process: Improving the Strength of Your Paper


Follow the instruction given in the first exercise, and answer the questions presented to you in the following nine questions. If you are doing this in a classroom or group setting, trade papers with another person to critique a paper that is not your own.

  • Find a rough draft of one of your own papers, or find a sample paper online which you can use to work through the revision process by answering the questions in remaining exercises.

  • Read the introduction, and set the paper aside. What is the main point of the paper?

  • Read through the rest of the paper. Does it address the intended audience appropriately? Why or why not?

  • What is the purpose of goal of the paper? If it is your own paper, is it what you intended?

  • Is the thesis supported with evidence? Why or why not?

  • Is the vocabulary appropriate and clear? If not, what suggestions would you make for cleaning up the vocabulary?

  • Are there any spelling errors?

  • Are there any grammatical errors? Are there any errors that are repeated multiple times?

  • Is the conclusion effective? Why or why not?

  • Overall, what area did you identify as the aspect that requires the most revisions, and what advice would you give to improve the paper?