Clarifying the Focus of Your Thesis Statement Worksheet

Research Writing – Organization

Use this Thesis Statement Focus Worksheet to improve your research writing. A series of exercises help you learn how to identify unfocused statements and have you walk through the steps for providing clarity and focus.

Clarifying the Focus of Your Thesis


For exercises 1-7, identify whether the given thesis statement is clarified and narrow enough to write a research paper or is too broad or unfocused. For exercises 8-10, pick one of the thesis statements you identified as too broad or unfocused, and work through the steps of clarifying the statement to provide focus.

  • While some people find rap music offensive, it provides benefits to urban youth.

  • The makeup of the American family and gender expectations leads men to repress their feelings, which affects their ability to develop physically, psychologically and socially with respect to intimate relationships.

  • The television show “The Simpsons” addresses many societal realities.

  • To decide the constitutionality of any temporary law made by Congress, the judicial branch of the government should have the ability to overturn this type of law.

  • There are many causes to world hunger, and the problem persists because of a lack of adequate intervention and assistance.

  • The horror movies of today are not as scary, as well developed or as creative with cinematography when compared with classic horror movies.

  • The black market trade of human organs negatively affects society.

  • Select one of the thesis statements you identified as too broad or unfocused. Write a revised statement to give it more focus and identify the scope.

  • Use the same thesis statement, and identify the main supporting point that further focuses the thesis. Write a revised thesis.

  • Use more specific terms to clarify the focus of the thesis even more. Consider this the final revision, so the thesis you write should stay narrowly focused, well defined and supported with details. Write the final revision.