Using Parenthetical Citations (aka In-Text Citations) Worksheet

Research Writing – Citing References

Test your knowledge using this Parenthetical Citations (In-Text Citations) Worksheet to practice recognizing the type of information to cite during your research writing. Ten exercises require you to review individual pieces of information and decide whether each requires citation.

Using Parenthetical Citations (aka In-Text Citations)


For each of the exercises below, read the piece of information. Decide whether it is something that would require an in-text citation. Circle “Yes” if it does. Circle “No” if it does not. If the answer could be either “yes” or “no,” please give an explanation for your choice, and explain why the opposite could also be true.

  1. Yes/No – The population of the United States during the Great Depression

  2. Yes/No – A potential connection between cell phone usage and brain tumors

  3. Yes/No – The existence of flesh-eating bacteria or brain-eating amoebas

  4. Yes/No – The fact that Christopher Columbus visited the Americas

  5. Yes/No – A line from a Robert Frost poem

  6. Yes/No – The percentage of people who are overweight in the United States

  7. Yes/No – The effect of the Arab Spring on the Middle East.

  8. Yes/No – The fact that people place illegal bets on sports games

  9. Yes/No – A line from a song

  10. Yes/No – An explanation of the process of proteins breaking down within the human body