Punctuation Rules

When you speak, you use pauses and breaks throughout what you express; in writing, these pauses and breaks are punctuation. Punctuation organizes your words to convey a clear meaning, so knowing punctuation rules can mean the difference between writing well and writing poorly. No matter how solid your regular grammar usage is, poor punctuation takes away from the quality of your writing and gives your readers the impression that you failed to edit or polish your writing.

These resources provide the foundation of punctuation to guide you in punctuating your words. Proper use of punctuation marks gives rhythm, emphasis and meaning to what you write. Done poorly, it can completely distort the meaning of your words and confuse or mislead your readers. When you employ good punctuation, you can present your words the way you mean them.

While knowing the proper punctuation rules goes a long way to improving your writing, you can further enhance your writing by incorporating a variety of different punctuation marks. Commas and full-stop periods are the most commonly used marks of punctuation, but there are so many other choices that add life, meaning and emphasis to your words. This guide gives you tools to learn how to use colons, semicolons, dashes, parentheses and more to maximize the effectiveness of your words.

How you compose your words and the ideas you convey help in determining what type of punctuation you should use. By arming your writing repertoire with solidly understood punctuation rules, you can start to play with different types of punctuation to strengthen the style, meaning and voice of your words.
Good punctuation is paramount to your success as a writer. It allows your readers to understand your words and gives your work that polished, expert edge that breeds confidence of your message in the eyes of others. Choosing the right punctuation clues your readers into your thoughts; choosing the wrong punctuation leaves them confused and frustrated.

Using these punctuation rules resources enables you to convey your words clearly and effectively. Not only does mastery of this guide improve your writing style, but it makes sure you write what you really mean to say and makes proofreading easier.