Writing a Targeted Resume Worksheet

Job Search Writing – Types of Resumes

Practice tailoring your resume with this Targeted Resume Worksheet, and improve your job search writing skills. Through completing 10 exercises, you can get comfortable with selecting the most relevant skills, accomplishments and references for each position for which you submit a resume.

Writing a Targeted Resume


Find a job posting online or in a newspaper that is relevant to the field or type of job you would ideally like to work and to which at least some of your work history is relevant. Monster.com and Yahoo! Hot Jobs are good online sources. Base all of your answers to the exercises below on the job posting you select.

  • Read the job posting carefully. What keywords with respect to the desired qualifications and skills stand out to you?

  • Create a brief list of your best accomplishments and skills from previous experience.

  • Looking at the list you created in exercise #2, which accomplishments and skills are most relevant to the job posting you selected?

  • Quantify the skills and accomplishments you identified in the previous exercise, and write at least three things you could list in a Summary of Qualifications/Career Summary.

  • Review the accomplishments and skills you wrote in the previous exercise. Is any of the information irrelevant to the requirements in the job posting, and why is it important to use only relevant information?

  • What order would you list the skills and accomplishments on your resume based on the job posting?

  • If you are unsure about whether a particular skill or accomplishment is relevant, how would you downplay its importance on a targeted resume?

  • What details could you make more attention-grabbing on your resume – focus on your specific experiences, accomplishments and skills.

  • How can you make the titles you’ve held in previous positions stand out more? Give at least one example of a title for a position you’ve held written for a targeted resume.

  • Consider your references. Which of your references are best suited to use when applying for this position specifically? Why?