Writing a Functional Resume Worksheet

Category: Job Search Writing – Types of Resume

Improve your job writing skills with this Functional Resume Worksheet. Use the exercises to recognize when this resume is appropriate, and practice identifying skill sets to make writing your own resume easier.

Writing a Functional Resume


For the first five exercises below, consider the employment, education and experience in each of the scenarios, and determine whether a functional resume is a good choice. For the last five exercises, follow the individual instructions in each one.

  • You have a sociology degree but very minimal work experience. However, your research participation has helped you develop a large skill set that is applicable in a variety of work settings related to your field. Should you use a functional resume?

  • You have spent the last 20 years working as an accountant. Your spouse has taken a job in another state, so you are looking for a position in the same area that mirrors your extensive work history. Should you use a functional resume?

  • You have jumped from one job to another over several years following college, mostly because you are unsure of the field you want to work in long term. You think you have finally found your calling and are applying for a position in a field for which you have no experience. Should you use a functional resume?

  • You are recently divorced. During your marriage, your spouse was the breadwinner, so you did not work while you raised your small children. However, you spent extensive time volunteering, co-chaired several community committees and helped organize a number of charity functions, all of which gave you valuable skills. Should you use a functional resume?

  • You are just finishing up a walking tour of Europe. It is one full year after your college graduation date. Prior to college, you served four years in the military. However, before joining the military, you spent roughly five years as a full-time member of the workforce and had worked part-time throughout high school. Should you use a functional resume?

  • Develop a master list of key skill categories using skills that apply to multiple positions you have held or experiences you have had. This is simply a list of the basic categories of skills, not the actual skills themselves.

  • Think about what the ideal job would consist of if you could do absolutely anything you wanted. When deciding, ignore any lack of experience or skills that prevent you from following this career path. Think of it as a dream job.

  • If you were to create a functional resume for your dream job, what skill categories from exercise #6 are transferable to the duties, expectations and necessary skills for the position? Identify at three key skill sets. Adjust your initial list if necessary.

  • List the three skill sets you select in order of importance with relation to your dream job.

  • For each of the three key categories you identified, create a list of skills you possess. Make sure to include details that show your skills, and do not just list them without backing them up with facts.