Writing a Curriculum Vitae Worksheet

Job Search Writing – Types of Resumes

Practice preparing information with this Curriculum Vitae Worksheet that requires you to look for a job posting to identify some of your relevant skills, accomplishments and achievements. Through completing 10 exercises, you can strengthen your job search writing skills as they pertain to writing a good vita.

Writing a Curriculum Vitae


Find a job listing for an academic position for which you qualify or would apply if given the chance. Use that job posting as the basis for your answers to the below exercises.

  • Does the job posting specifically ask for a curriculum vitae? If it does not, what clues in the job posting tells you that using a CV is the appropriate way to apply for the position?

  • Before actually deciding what information to include in your CV, consider the length of it. What page length is appropriate for the position and your experience. Explain your answer.

  • If a traditional resume was required for the position, how would your CV differ from your resume?

  • Take a few minutes, and jot down relevant certifications, professional licenses, affiliations, and committee involvement that you can include. If you do not currently have any, what steps are you taking to obtain them, and should you still list them on the CV if you are currently working on them? Explain your answer.

  • Choose one of the following areas by circling one that best applies to your experiences.

  • Area #1: Notable presentations or papers
    Area #2: Research experience
    Area #3: Internships
    Note: If none of these areas apply to you, choose one that does, and write it in the below space.

  • Jot down notes for each bullet point that include relevant information showcasing your strengths based on the choice you made in the previous exercise.

  • Bullet #1 notes:

    Bullet #2 notes:

    Bullet #3 notes:

  • Write a three-bullet list you could include in your CV based on the notes you made in the previous exercise. Use proper spelling and grammar.

  • Bullet #1:

    Bullet #2:

    Bullet #3:

  • If you have completed or intend to complete a master’s or doctoral thesis, how would you describe it on the CV to stay concise? If this does not apply to you, focus on showing your knowledge, skill or achievements based on a specific course or area of study.

  • How would you format your CV to keep it visually appealing? Explain your answer in general terms with respect to steps you can take.

  • If you were asked to include samples of your work with the submission of your CV, what would you include? Use work you have already completed or intend to complete in the near future, even if it does not apply to the position for which you found a job posting.