Targeted Resume: Summary of Qualifications Example

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The goal of a targeted resume is to write a resume that directly addresses the qualifications and skills for which a job posting asks. The best way to target a specific job is through a Summary of Qualifications at the top of your resume that directly addresses the job posting.

Below is a portion of a sample job posting and how the top portion of your targeted resume should look (minus the narrative explaining what you should do), including the Summary of Qualifications. Keep in mind the general resume formatting is not set in stone, so your personal contact information may appear differently.

Sample job posting information for HR Manager:

Recruit new employees of both exempt and nonexempt status. Familiarize new employees with the company and its goals, mission and culture. Build and manage programs for employee training and development. Develop and implement successful employee retention programs.

Targeted Resume – Summary of Qualifications Example

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In this section, you want to aim to use bullet points that show your qualifications as they directly relate to a job posting. Use high-impact statements that use keywords from the actual job posting.

  • Experienced manager with competency in interpersonal relationships, leadership and project development and management
  • Successful background in recruiting and retaining staff
  • Exemplary written and oral communication skills
  • Extensive background in training and developing staff

Comparing the Summary of Qualifications to the job posting

The sample targeted resume Summary of Qualifications directly relates to the sample job posting. The first bullet point on the sample resume corresponds with the job posting as a whole. The second bullet point corresponds to employee recruitment and retention—both of which are key resume action verbs used in the job posting. The third bullet point shows competency for completing the expected responsibilities using effective communication—an important aspect of any management position. Finally, the fourth bullet point corresponds to building and managing staff training and development programs.

The ability to recognize the key components of a job posting to address the most important ones in the Summary of Qualifications Section on a targeted resume determines how successful you are likely to be using this approach.

While tailoring your resume as whole involves addressing the language used in a job posting in other resume sections, such as the objective, skills, accomplishments and work experience sections, starting with the Summary of Qualifications accomplishes the creation of a targeted resume. The rest of a targeted resume generally incorporates skills and achievements, a work experience section in the reverse timeline of a chronological resume.