The Standard Resume Sections Worksheet

Job Search Writing: Resume Sections

Practice with this Resume Sections Worksheet to test your knowledge on what resume sections to include on your resume and what information goes into each. Ten exercises allow you to practice crafting relevant resume sections to aid with your future job writing efforts.

The Standard Resume Sections


For each of the exercises below, follow the instructions given in each individual exercise. Before getting started, think of what your dream job would be, and use that as your basis for creating the resume information you are asked to provide.

  • What information would you include in the Contact Information section of your resume? Use information specific to you.

  • If you included an Objective resume section on a resume for your dream job, what would the Objective look like? Write an example Objective.

  • Write an example Work Experience resume section using your previous work experiences. If you do not have any, supplement volunteer or community involvement experiences.

  • Write an example Education resume section for a resume using your educational information. If you are currently a student, use your expected graduation date.

  • Write a Summary of Qualifications resume section for a resume for your dream job. Use your own qualifications, or make them up to fit the requirements of the job you would seek.

  • Write a Profile resume section using similar information to the information you used in #5.

  • Write a Skills resume section for a resume for your dream job. Include relevant skills you have built through experiences.

  • What resume sections should always appear on your resume?

  • What resume sections are optional on a resume?

  • For each optional resume section you identified in #9, think of one scenario for each where using the section would be to your benefit.