Quantifying Resume Accomplishments: Making Yourself Stand Out

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Whether you have already written your resume accomplishments section or are starting from scratch, you want to highlight your best achievements that suit the position for which you are applying. To do this, you need to go beyond simply listing your accomplishments in general terms.

Instead, quantify your resume accomplishments. Use numbers to quantify time, money and amounts. By quantifying your accomplishments, you give potential employers real numbers showing them exactly how you add value to a company or organization by demonstrating the difficult nature of what you have accomplished.

Use the following ways to make yourself stand out from other applicants by quantifying your resume accomplishments.

Quantifying resume accomplishments with time

Saving time and staying efficient are at the heart of what prospective employers seek. Time, when it comes to deadlines, is also important, whether those deadlines are internal or external. When you can show that you have a proven history of saving time, creating time or managing time well, you spark the interest of someone reviewing your resume. After all, time constraints and efficiency directly affect a company’s bottom line; show you positively impact that bottom line by using resume accomplishments that highlight what you bring to the table.

Example: Cut the time spent handling customer complaints by half (15 hours per week) by creating and implementing better customer service policies.

Quantifying resume accomplishments with money

Money is the end-all and be-all for most businesses, so using your resume accomplishments to show how you can earn, manage or save money sets you apart from other applicants. When considering your accomplishments, consider things you have done in part- or full-time jobs, extracurricular activities, community organizations or internships. Quantify your resume accomplishments by using dollar amounts to define them.

Example: Created and managed a promotional campaign that brought in $80,000 worth of new customer contracts.

Quantifying resume accomplishments with amounts

The final way you can make your resume accomplishments stand out by quantifying them is through using amounts. The devil is in the details, and stating an accomplishment in plural terms, such as “trained new employees,” does not tell prospective employers anything about the size or impact of what you have done. How many employees? Did it improve the employee retention rate? Over how long of a period? Answering those questions by quantifying your resume accomplishments stands out to resume reviewers.

Example: Trained 15 new production employees over a one-year period and increased the employee retention rate by 24 percent in the same period.

When you quantify your resume accomplishments with numbers to demonstrate the scope of what you have achieved, you give prospective employers a reason to want to hire you. Take the time to think about your accomplishments in terms of time, money and amounts, and quantify them with accurate information. As a result, you are sure to find yourself as an in-demand prospective employee.