Resume Length: The Debate Over One– and Two-Page Resumes Worksheet

Category: Job Search Writing – Resume Basics

Use this One- or Two-Page Resume Worksheet to know which length to use on your resume. Exercises give you example situations where you must choose between the two resume lengths.

Resume Length: The Debate Over One– and Two-Page Resumes


Read each scenario, and indicate if you would use a one- or two-page resume.

  • You have extensive work experience that includes a long list of presentations, publications and association affiliations.

  • You are pursuing a radical career change, and much of your work experience is not relevant to the new job.

  • You are a recent college graduate with limited work experience.

  • You are someone that has run your own business for 15 years while frequently switching supplemental jobs.

  • You are a high school graduate with no job experience but have demonstrated leadership qualities as the student body president, a team captain, a community organizer and several positions in various student clubs and organizations.

  • You are a full-time parent returning to the work force after seven years.

  • You are applying for a faculty position at a college or university.

  • You are an engineer with years of experience and an extensive list of accomplishments.

  • You are a recent college graduate that has studied abroad and worked as a research assistant for a professor.

  • You have changed jobs frequently, have one or more gaps in your work history and are seeking a position for which you are overqualified.