Resume Design: Setting Up Resume Formatting Worksheet

Job Search Writing: Resume Basics

Test your knowledge using this Resume Design and Resume Formatting Worksheet to improve your job writing skills. Ten exercises present you with questions about formatting while asking you to give the reason you made each choice.

Resume Design: Setting Up Resume Formatting


For the following exercises, assume you are working on writing your resume. Each exercise presents a situation where you must make a formatting decision. State how you would format the design of your resume and the reason you made that choice.

  • You are shopping at an office supply store to pick up paper to print your resume. What type of paper do you choose and why?

  • You set the margins to one inch, and find that you cannot include all the information you want to on one page. What do you do and why?

  • You are still trying to fix the problem you ran into in #2, and decide to expand the margins by setting them a ½ inch. However, you still cannot fit all the information unless you decrease the font or use smaller margins. What do you do and why?

  • You must select the font(s) you wish to use on your resume. Which font(s) do you select and where do you intend to use them? State why you made the choices you did.

  • While writing your first draft, you underlined all of the section headings. Would you leave them this way in your final draft or change them? Why or why not?

  • To present your accomplishments and skills, would you use numbers to identify each item or bullet points? State why you made the choice you did.

  • Would you single or double spaces between sections in your resume? State why you made the choice you did.

  • What should you do if there is not enough white space on your resume or the information on your resume is too condensed? State why you made the choice you did.

  • In reviewing your resume, you notice you made a few spelling and grammatical errors. You fix the spelling errors but are unsure of how to correct the grammatical errors even though you know they are present. What would you do and why?

  • What is the most important thing to consider in your resume design and formatting? Why?