Writing Job Rejection Thank You Letters: Securing Future Possibilities

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While making your resume stand out can help you land an interview, writing a job rejection thank you letter can make you stand out in a way that secures future possibilities. Writing this type of letter requires both grace and professionalism—after all, you are probably not happy you were passed over for the position. However, while a job rejection thank you letter is not often sent in this situation, taking the initiative to send one makes prospective employers take notice, which bodes well for your future prospects.

The main points of job rejection thank you letter

First, make sure to address your job rejection thank you letter to the appropriate person. If you receive written communication informing you that you were not chosen for the position, pay attention who signed it. If it is signed by a HR personnel member, address your thank you letter to both the HR person and the hiring manager who interviewed you. If the letter is signed by the person who performed the interview, address your thank you letter to that person only.

The main points of this type of letter is to give you a chance to do the following:

  • Express thanks for the opportunity and consideration
  • Talk about what impressed you about the company or department
  • Express that you would like future consideration for other positions
  • Congratulate and wish an employer well with their decision

The format of a job rejection thank you letter

The format of a job rejection thank you letter should follow the basic business letter format. Include the current date, the person to whom you address the letter, that person’s address and an appropriate salutation at the top. After the salutation, include the following information in each paragraph of your job rejection thank you letter.

First paragraph:

  • Thank the company for considering you for the position
  • Make a statement about appreciating the time the company invested in the process

Second paragraph:

  • Mention how the company made a positive impression – use specifics
  • The interview
  • Information you learned about the company in the process
  • Helpfulness and kindness of company representatives with whom you dealt
  • Request feedback about why you were not chosen, but stay positive!

Third paragraph:

  • Express that you would like to be considered for future positions
  • Congratulate the company or manager on their hiring decision
  • Wish the company well
  • Reiterate your appreciation for being considered for the position

End your job rejection thank you letter with an appropriate and professional closing. Sign the letter, and get it in the mail as soon as possible following a job rejection notification.

Writing a job rejection thank you letter is a unique way to make yourself stand out simply because it is so rarely done. By showing both your graciousness and your professionalism, you make yourself more attractive to the prospective employer. Always stay concise and positive. Networking can make a difference in any job search, but when you solidify the reasons an employer considered you in the first place, and maybe even make a hiring manager second guess a decision, you set the stage and keep the door more open for future possibilities. A job rejection thank you letter presents an opportunity to do just that.