Job Acceptance Letter: Keeping It Professional and Brief

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A job acceptance letter is usually a response to a letter that reaffirms a job offer from an employer. It allows you to confirm you understand the terms of your employment and presents a way for you to request clarification on anything that is not clear.

While keeping the letter brief and maintaining your professionalism, include the following information and details in your job acceptance letter.

  • Your appreciation for the job offer.
  • Your written acceptance of the job offer.
  • The details of the offer and any instructions restated (start date, benefits, salary, location, etc.).
  • Any questions you have to clarify something about the offer.
  • The expression of your excitement to work for the company.

Write your job acceptance letter as soon as possible after receiving a written offer from an employer.

Preparation for writing a job acceptance letter

Before you start to write your letter, take a few minutes and carefully review the written offer. Make a note of anything that is not clear and the questions you need to ask for clarification. Next, create a list of the points you want to cover, and develop them into a loose outline. Then, think about the tone you want to convey, keeping the guidelines below in mind:

  • Be courteous
  • Be sincere
  • Use appropriate language
  • Write with confidence (without overdoing it)
  • Keep the length no more than three paragraphs

Any details about the job should be clearly stated and have already been previously discussed. Do not try to negotiate better terms or express concerns; these are things you should address prior to accepting the job and writing a job acceptance letter.

Format of a job acceptance letter

The format for your job acceptance letter is a basic business letter. Address the letter to the person who signed the written job offer unless the letter lists a specific contact person. The structure of this type of letter is simple.

  • Include the date at the top
  • Enter the name, title and business address for the person to whom you are addressing the letter
  • Write a professional salutation
  • Write 2-3 paragraphs
  • End with a professional closing

Sample job acceptance letter:

June 10, 2012

John Doe
My New Boss (position)
5869 New Boss Drive
New Employer City, IL 39393

Dear Mr. Doe,

First paragraph of your job acceptance letter:

  • Express your appreciation for the job offer
  • Restate the title of the position for which you received the offer
  • Accept the offer in writing

Second paragraph of your job acceptance letter:

  • Restate the specifics of your employment: salary, insurance, vacation, location and anything else that is a term of your job offer
  • Restate your start date
  • Ask any questions necessary for clarification on any of the terms of the job offer that are unclear

Third paragraph of your job acceptance letter:

  • Express your excitement about working for the company and the opportunity


Your Name
Contact info (not mandatory)

The most important aspect of the job acceptance letter is it lets you confirm the details of your employment, allows you to ask for clarification and puts your acceptance in writing prior to the signing of a contract. Writing this type of letter also shows your professionalism, so keep it on topic, brief and upbeat.