Who vs. Whom Worksheet

Category: Word Choice

Use this Who vs. Whom Worksheet to check your knowledge of these two pronouns. Ten exercises have you select the correct word choice based on the context of the sentence and your knowledge of the different meanings.

Who vs. Whom Worksheet


For each of the following exercises, circle the word in parentheses that completes the sentence correctly.

  • The man in the yellow shirt is the one (who/whom) accidentally tripped me as we entered the stadium.

  • Although the board of directors insisted upon his resignation, the former CEO did not know (who/whom) had suggested he step down from his position.

  • Snooki from “Jersey Shore” is a girl (who/whom) you picture twirling her hair while chomping gum as she tries – and fails – to understand you meant.

  • Sally had never met someone to (who/whom) she felt so close as quickly as she did with her current boyfriend.

  • In giving her graduation speech, Brittney thanked everyone (who/whom) had helped her achieve her goals throughout college.

  • As the principal called the teachers’ meeting to order, he reminded anyone (who/whom) was not present at the last meeting to listen closely.

  • (Who/Whom) has the final say in where the garden is planted?

  • Before accepting the contract, the builder wanted to know with (who/whom) he should discuss any issues regarding the building’s specifications.

  • Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback (who/whom) took the place of the iconic Brett Favre.

  • When the new office manager arrived at the office, she asked (who/whom) had forgotten to order enough paper for printing and copying purposes.