Which vs. That Worksheet

Category: Word Choice

Master restrictive and non-restrictive clauses with this Which vs. That Worksheet that tests your knowledge of the two words. Ten exercises have you select the correct word choice that fits in with the context of each of the sentences.

Which vs. That Worksheet


For each example below, determine whether you should use “which” or “that.” In other words, is each clause restrictive or non-restrictive? Circle the correct choice.

  • As far as she knows, it is the only answer (that/which) makes any sense.

  • Cameron ate the cookies (that/which) I had just purchased this morning.

  • Her brother’s car, (that/which) Cheri has never liked, is finally up for sale.

  • Any traumatic event (that/which) has a profound effect on someone’s life has the potential to have long-lasting effects, too.

  • A bicycle (that/which) that does not have air in its tires is essentially out of commission.

  • She wanted (that/which) one?

  • The scale (that/which) she normally uses to weigh her meat portions is broken at the moment.

  • Politicians in Washington do not seem as if they are willing to compromise with one another, (that/which) really is a shame and does a disservice to those who voted the men and women into office in the first place.

  • His racing car, (that/which) is by far the fastest on the track, is favored to win the race.

  • She tends to only want to watch the movies that hold a special interest or cover certain genres.