Lead vs. Led Worksheet

Category: Word Choice

Use this Lead vs. Led Worksheet to test your word choice skills. These exercises require you to select the correct word to complete the sentence and have you identify the part of speech within the context for which you selected each word.

Lead vs. Led Worksheet


For each of the exercises below, circle the correct word choice. After the sentence, write whether the word functions as a noun, verb or adjective. If it is a verb, identify the verb tense.

  • The army general (lead/led) the troops into battle.

  • Debbie was selected as the (lead/led) chair in the violin section.

  • (Lead/led) the group back to the dining hall please.

  • The writer was so exhausted, he could barely keep his eyes open; it was if they were full of (lead/led).

  • When I worked up the courage to look at my surroundings, I was pleasantly surprised to see I was (lead/led) into the most beautiful flower garden.

  • My mechanical pencil ran out of (lead/led), and I was forced to take the exam with a ballpoint pen.

  • Unfortunately, she (lead/led) me to believe she had completed her portion of the group project, so we were unprepared for our presentation.

  • You can (lead/led) a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink the water.

  • The pipes stored in the basement are heavy because they are made out of (lead/led).

  • The first response was an obvious attempt to (lead/led) me down the wrong path; hopefully, the second response is more accurate.