Into vs. in to Worksheet

Category: Word Choice

Utilize this Into vs. in to Worksheet to practice your understanding of when to make each word choice. These exercises highlight how the two words have different meanings, making it important that you select the correct word to convey the correct meaning.

Into vs. in to Worksheet


In the following examples, chose the word that conveys the correct meaning for each sentence.

  • Michael fell (into/in to) such a deep slumber that even his nightmares did not cause him to awaken.

  • Make sure to turn (into/in to) the second driveway on the right.

  • Trying to tell Mrs. Smith that your dog ate your homework usually does not work when you do not have a necessary assignment ready to turn (into/in to) her.

  • Cinderella only had until midnight to leave the Royal Ball, or she would change back (into/into) her normal, drab attire.

  • I thought I saw Batman flying (into/in to) the building, but I realized it was just a trick of the shadows.

  • The storms caused so much debris to fly (into/in to) our backyard.

  • The girls went (into/in to) a shopping frenzy when they saw all the killer deals on Black Friday.

  • I couldn’t decide whether to turn my spare bedroom (into/in to) a home office for myself or to turn it (into/in to) a playroom for my children.

  • Luckily, they just missed driving (into/in to) the side of the building when the brakes went on the car.

  • Dancing (into/in to) the room and across the stage, the girls made it clear they had changed from stumbling beginners (into/in to) graceful and beautiful ballerinas.