I'm Good vs. I'm Well Worksheet

Category: Word Choice

Test your knowledge using this I’m Good vs. I’m Well Worksheet by making the correct word choice between “good” and “well.” Each of the exercises requires you to consider whether the missing word is acting as an adjective or an adverb before making your choice.

I’m Good vs. I’m Well Worksheet


For each of the exercises below, fill in the blank with either “good” or “well” while also maintaining grammatical correctness.

  • The student did very __________ on his exams at the end of the semester.

  • How are you this afternoon? Are you doing __________?

  • Jill’s new hair cut looks really __________ with her complexion.

  • Dorothy’s French is not __________; hopefully she never needs to travel to France, where her not-so-passable French would not serve her __________.

  • The seniors play the game __________; unfortunately, that does not bode __________ for underclassmen.

  • I do play golf, but I am not __________ at it.

  • I know my parents hope I do __________ on the SAT, but I am nervous about my score.

  • Most students in his class seemed to have __________ knowledge of the underlying principles.

  • I always experiment with new recipes until I figure out what makes a bland recipe taste __________.

  • After a long, rough week at work, I think a day at the beach sounds amazingly __________.