Complement vs. Compliment Worksheet

Category: Word Choice

Tackle this Complement vs. Compliment Worksheet to test your word choice know-how. The exercises require you to select the word that best fits the context of the sentence, so knowing the difference of each word’s meaning determines your success with this learning tool.

Complement vs. Compliment Worksheet


In each of the exercises below, circle the word in parentheses that completes the sentence correctly.

  • Nothing makes a gal feel better than a nice (complement/compliment) or two to start the day.

  • The rich brown tones of the lamp shade (complement/compliment) the rest of the room’s decor.

  • The routine (complemented/complimented) the skating styles of two ice skaters who had recently started performing as a pair.

  • A (complement/compliment) goes a long way when you are trying to woo the girl of your dreams.

  • The homemade croutons were the perfect (complement/compliment) to the rich and creamy red-pepper soup.

  • (Complementing/Complimenting) your boss every chance you get does not guarantee that your raise is higher when it is time for a performance review.

  • While dancing across the room as she cleaned it, Robin could not help but notice how (complementary/complimentary) the pale drapes were to the colorful furniture in the room.

  • It is no surprise that the (complements/compliments) flowed freely from her co-workers because her new hairdo (complements/compliments) her complexion perfectly.

  • We chose the AmericInn Hotel & Suites because of the (complementary/complimentary) breakfast included with every overnight stay.

  • Although their personalities seem like they should clash, the man and woman (complement/compliment) one another in a way that works to make them a stronger couple.