Cannot vs. Can Not Worksheet

Category: Word Choice

Try this Cannot vs. Can Not Worksheet to ensure you always make the correct word choice in the right situation. Ten exercises require you to distinguish between informal and formal writing to select the best word from those given in parentheses.

Cannot vs. Can Not Worksheet


For each of the exercises below, determine whether the sentence is formal or informal, and select the best choice from the words in parentheses.

  • Check it out, girlfriend! I (can’t/cannot/can not) believe he picked out such an awesome ring!

  • With professional writing, it is best to avoid contractions. Despite this, it is a habit some writers (can’t/cannot/can not) seem to break.

  • A doctor (can’t/cannot/can not) make a diagnosis without all the facts.

  • You (can’t/cannot/can not) expect to get everything for free. Geesh! While free samples are awesome, it’s usually just a way to make you buy more products.

  • However things turn out, you (can’t/cannot/can not) blame yourself; you gave your best effort.

  • I (can’t/cannot/can not) imagine anyone voting Kim Kardashian in as the mayor of any town – anywhere on the planet!

  • The best way to achieve the things you (can’t/cannot/can not) imagine accomplishing is through perseverance, hard work and dedication.

  • Many people who have worked in a profession for many years (can’t/cannot/can not) imagine doing anything else.

  • I (can’t/cannot/can not) understand it. I just (can’t/cannot/can not). Do you get it?

  • You (can’t/cannot/can not) expect to succeed without putting effort into achieving your goals.