Texting Worksheet

Category: Slang

Practice your knowledge of slang with this Texting Worksheet. Some of the exercises require you to convert slang to professional writing, while some require you to convert professional writing into slang to help you recognize and avoid slang in your writing.

Texting Worksheet


For each of the exercises written using text language, rewrite them using professional writing rules, and for the exercises written using professional writing rules, rewrite them using text language.

  • I 4got to tell u that u looked gr8t last nite.

  • @ work sry i am ringl8

  • R we gng 2 go thru this agn?

  • Pls let me kno b/c I have 2 make resv ty.

  • i wnt the 411 gf!

  • Please let me know if we can meet tomorrow. Thanks.

  • Do not start the work before you have my approval.

  • By the way, what day do you leave for vacation?

  • I want to go deep-sea fishing, but I get seasick whenever I set foot on a sea-roaming vessel.

  • It is great to have ambition because it is often the precursor to success.