What Is Slang Worksheet

Category: Slang

Use this What Is Slang Worksheet to test your ability to change slang words and phrases into formal language appropriate for more professional writing. The exercises require you to identify any slang and to rewrite it in formal English.

What Is Slang Worksheet


For each of the exercises below, circle any slang words or phrases, and replace them with word(s) that are acceptable for formal writing by rewriting each sentence.

  • I am a little short on dough this month because my hours were cut.

  • My sister and I are very close, but sometimes she is a pain in the neck.

  • The dude at the counter looked a little shady with his hood pulled over his head and his hands in his pocket.

  • Many people assume that if a girl is a cheerleader, she is also an airhead.

  • Her parents get so bent out of shape if she receives anything less than an A- on her tests.

  • The movie blew us away; it was much better than the preview made it seem.

  • The announcer made a good call on picking the winning team.

  • The fight between them was pretty intense, but things should cool down pretty quickly.

  • Angela flipped out when she heard about the accident.

  • It takes serious guts to try bungee jumping, even if you are tethered by the cord.