Use of Hyphens Worksheet

Category: Punctuation

Master your punctuation skills with this Use of Hyphens Worksheet that tests your knowledge. Ten exercises require you to recognize when hyphens are missing between words and when a hyphen that is already used is unnecessary or incorrect.

Hyphens Worksheet


For each of the following exercises, add any missing hyphens where they are necessary between words, and circle any words that are incorrectly hyphenated.

  • Sarah could not bite her tongue in time, so the flippant re-mark flew from her mouth.

  • My brother in law is an attorney, which is what makes him a debate worthy opponent in any serious discussion.

  • Low self esteem often leads to depression, and this disease has far reaching effects into every aspect of life.

  • She usually keeps a note-book handy to write down her impressions following a thought provoking lecture.

  • The exquisitely adorned chandelier is an elegant addition to your dining-room.

  • While Lawrence has plenty of work-out clothing, he rarely makes it to the gym to work-out with any sort of regularity.

  • The soaring eagle must have had at least a 25-foot-wing span, and its brown and white coloring was gorgeous.

  • The mid year financial statements revealed that the newly-formed company was performing above expectations.

  • Non English speaking students often have a difficult time as they learn English and all the grammatical rules that go along with the language.

  • Highly-anticipated films do not always provide top grossing showings at the movie theater, and many of them are never nominated for Oscars.