Dash Worksheet

Category: Punctuation

Use this Dash Worksheet to test your knowledge and practice your use of the em dash. The exercises require some sentence rewriting with the need to incorporate additional punctuation in some sentences.

Dash Worksheet


For each of the following exercises, use a dash where one is needed by rewriting each sentence. All exercises focus on the use of the em dash. Replace any other punctuation as needed to use the dash correctly.

  • Marcus Christina’s obsessive and controlling boyfriend purchased concert tickets for all of us.

  • Are you paying attention this is very important!

  • All three of her sons Anthony, who is 24; Francis, who is 27; and Marco, who is 28, studied abroad their junior year.

  • Cormack took Widget his border collie with the bad attitude to the dog park.

  • I would love to go away for the weekend with you as long as I can choose our destination.

  • (Its/It’s) virtually impossible to please my parents; no matter what I do, they are unhappy with me.

  • Mr. Campbell advised the class that the first group of students the ones whose last names begin with A through L would present their projects on Monday.

  • Please start dinner if it is not too much trouble I must pick up Cassie from dance class.

  • The roof was leaking, the living room windows were broken and the yard is overflowing with debris all thanks to the major storm we had last night.

  • Everyday Americans not the big banking institutions feel the crunch of a bad economy the most.