Run-On Sentences Worksheet

Category: Punctuation

Put your punctuation to the test with this Run-On Sentences Worksheet. Ten exercises allow you to practice using four different methods for correcting the run-on sentence given for each exercise to improve your writing.


In the examples below, correct each run-on sentence by using one of the four methods you just learned.

  • She was late for the party her car would not start.

  • The restaurant serves the best lasagna Garfield would drool over the delectable dish.

  • Wendy lost the book she was reading while biking home from the library she is pretty sure it slipped out of the pocket in her backpack that she forgot to zip closed.

  • When you need to look up the location of a particular geographical location you can use a map covering that area you can also look it up on the internet or in an atlas.

  • Dancing in the rain, the young child squealed with glee the water splashed up the child’s legs with every fun-loving stomp.

  • My niece dumped her bowl of macaroni and cheese on the floor while I was babysitting her this meant that I would have to clean it up before her parents arrived home.

  • Even though I was not very hungry, I ate lunch my appetite should return in time for dinner though.

  • The young scholar dreams of living in the Caribbean his favorite place to relax is on the beach under a cabana.

  • I can hardly wait for my college roommate to visit she is arriving on Monday.

  • Sandra is never interested in catching movies at the theater however as soon as they are released on DVD for renting, she is the first one in line to rent the movies she wants to see.