Parentheses Worksheet

Category: Punctuation

Tackle this Parentheses Worksheet to test your knowledge on the proper use of parentheses. Using exercises with a variety of different presentations for parenthetical information, you must supply the correct punctuation that completes the use of parentheses.

Parentheses Worksheet


For each of the following exercises, add parentheses to enclose supplemental information, acronyms and dates or letters and/or numbers in a series. Add or remove any punctuation as needed to use the parentheses correctly.

  • The lease stipulates that the monthly rent $750 is due by the fifth of each month.

  • We need a customer service representative who can 1 treat clients with respect, 2 handle complaints and 3 think quickly.

  • Samuel is an active member of the National Rifle Association NRA.

  • Muhammad Ali born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. was born on January 17, 1942.

  • Please read and follow the style guide when writing for CrowdSource link included in every set of HIT instructions.

  • The thermometer climbed to over 100 degrees a major heat wave in this area!

  • We met Ally, Monica, Sebastian’s sister, and Valerie at the theater last night.

  • We saw the infamous Cherry Blossoms have you ever seen them? when we toured Washington, D.C., last April.

  • The Civil War lasted for four years 1861–1865.

  • The author Stephen King penned four books under Richard Bachman his pen name.