Comma Worksheet

Category: Punctuation

Tackle this Mastering the Art of Comma Usage Worksheet to test you punctuation skills with commas. Ten exercises incorporate all comma rules from the 12-article resource section on commas, and each requires you to identify both missing and incorrectly used commas.


For each of the following exercises, mark any incorrect commas with an “X,” and add any missing commas that are necessary according the 12 parts of “Mastering the Art of Comma Usage.” The use of the serial comma is optional, just make sure to use (or not use) it consistently throughout all of the exercises.

  • While the dancers prepared to perform the opening dance the emcee gave a brief introduction, to the story of the performance.

  • Kenneth paints, draws, and sketches, in his free time. He is quite the budding artist, and should have a promising career.

  • I failed to realize that the exit was closed so I ended up driving several miles out of the way which made the trip, frustrating to say the least.

  • The simple yet intricate design of the embroidered details make the soft-colored modern comfortable set elegantly sophisticated.

  • Stacey found the movie delightfully funny laughing so hard her cheeks hurt.

  • Today the snowfall is only expected to last until the early evening. However tomorrow it is expected to storm more heavily which is disappointing, to say the least.

  • Stephen King’s novel “It” is scary and a bit disturbing so disturbing that I could not look at clowns for a long time.

  • Kayla would you grab that pencil and hand it to me? Thanks Kayla.

  • Her address was 6099 W. Maple Street Milwaukee Wisconsin and I believe she has lived there for many years with her father Drew Jones Jr.

  • The small-scale details were not as important, the large-scale ones however were vital to accurately describing some of the products such as color schemes measurements and age restrictions.