Direct vs. Indirect Quotes Worksheet

Category: Punctuation

Utilize this Direct vs. Indirect Quotes Worksheet to learn how to recognize direct and indirect quotes. Ensure proper punctuation in all the exercises by adding any punctuation necessary surrounding each quote.

Direct vs. Indirect Quotes Worksheet


For each of the following exercises, identify if each sentence uses a direct quotation or an indirect quotation, and add correct punctuation when needed.

  • My roommate said she needed some sleep.

  • He told me he studied authentic Italian cooking at Casa Ombuto in the Tuscan countryside.

  • The twins, Molly and Max, asked at the same, Mom when can we go to the park?

  • The tour guide announced the bus would depart promptly at noon.

  • I became a doctor said Leigh because I wanted to help people.

  • Suzanne Collins read an excerpt from her book The Hunger Games; then she answered the audience‚Äôs questions.

  • Bart exclaimed I did nothing wrong as they locked him in the prison cell.

  • Chrissy told Pat to meet her at the park for lunch.

  • Download the music onto a CD said Cheryl we can listen to it while we head for the coast.

  • Agnes smiled and raised her hand because she knew the correct answer.