Semicolons Worksheet

Category: Punctuation

See where your punctuation stands with this Semicolons Worksheet that has you rewriting sentences to incorporate the correct usage. These exercises require you to add a semicolon when necessary, including replacing a comma with one in some instances.

Semicolons Worksheet


In the following exercises, add semicolons where they are necessary by rewriting the sentence. Not all sentences require the use of a semicolon, and sometimes, you might need to replace a comma with a semicolon.

  • The snowfall is creating treacherous road conditions, however, my family decided to continue toward our destination.

  • If you are trying to get fit and lose a few pounds, you must adhere to a healthy diet and exercise regularly, if you commit to those goals, you are well on your way to successful weight loss and physical fitness.

  • The restaurant we wanted to eat at however, was not open despite a neon sign claiming it was still open.

  • Selina’s father never intended to open a private practice on his own, however, once he left his last cooperative practice, he couldn’t imagine working with doctors who did not share the same views on patient care.

  • Her classmates were attending college for a variety of fields, including Sarah, who wanted to study biology, Samuel, who wanted to study psychology, and Seth, who wanted to study mathematics.

  • I have no intention of working as an accountant, I do, however, find tax law rather intriguing in its complexity.

  • The basketball coach encourages every player on the team to strive for strong defensive skills, foster solid shooting skills and aim for exemplary grades, yet many of the players cannot handle engaging in a heavy practice schedule and maintaining high grades simultaneously.

  • Most parents in my school district are proponents of school uniforms, my parents, conversely, feel that uniforms repress the expression of the individuality they feel teens develop during high school.

  • Showing his frustration by throwing his arms in the air, Michael stood up to protest the combative comment, at the last second, he bit his tongue to refrain from making a comment he might regret.

  • Young children are always difficult to corral into bed early, it’s as if they think they might miss something exciting while sleeping.