Apostrophes Worksheet

Category: Punctuation

Test your punctuation know-how with this Apostrophes Worksheet. Ten exercises present you with a choice of two words using apostrophes. To complete this learning tool, you must select the choice in parentheses with the correct use of the apostrophe.

Apostrophes Worksheet


For each of the following exercises, choose the word in parentheses that correctly shows possession and/or the correct usage of the apostrophe.

  • The organization lost (its/it’s) standing in the community when it did not donate the amount of money it had committed to donating. Your opinion on the matter does not (affect/effect) the final outcome.

  • Both of the (girl’s/girls’) makeup bags were stolen from the locker room at the gym.

  • Even though Jeff and Doug are big sports fans of most (men’s/mens’) sports, this was their first trip to a (women’s/ womens’) professional basketball game.

  • My inbox was bombarded with (emails/email’s) yesterday.

  • The paintings with the bright colors and sweeping landscapes were (hers/her’s).

  • (Its/It’s) virtually impossible to please my parents; no matter what I do, they are unhappy with me.

  • Even though Alma was feeling much better, she definitely needs the two (weeks/week’s) off from work to fully recuperate.

  • (Mavis’/Mavis’s) first name was unusual, but one girl from each generation has always had that name for as far back as her family can trace (its/it’s) history.

  • The (ladies’/ladie’s) group at her church is very involved in the community.

  • The (birds’/birds) squawks were probably audible within a five-mile radius because up-close they were tremendously loud.