Capitalization of Seasons Worksheet

Category: Miscellaneous

Test your miscellaneous writing skills with this Capitalization of Seasons Worksheet. Ten exercises help you recognize when seasons are capitalized and when they are not to ensure you always follow proper capitalization rules.

Capitalization of Seasons Worksheet


In the following sentences, circle any season that does not have the proper capitalization applied.

  • The warming rays of the Summer sun made the slight chill in the air seem nonexistent.

  • Spring is my favorite time of year to head into the woods for some serious hiking and exploring.

  • As the seasons change, Autumn’s leaves paint a pretty picture when the season brings with it the change in color of all her leaves.

  • The winter Olympics were always the teams’ favorite because of the ice-skating competition.

  • They wish for the warmer temperatures of the summer when Winter’s harsh winds and endless snowfall bombard their home.

  • Kenny already has his Fall 2012 class schedule set as far as the classes he hopes to add.

  • Title: summer Slim-Down Secrets

  • Most people in colder climates where winters are harsher yearn for warmer temps and more sunshine, yet those who live in Summer-like conditions for much of the year dream of the occasional snowfall.

  • spring and summer are her grandmother’s favorites seasons.

  • The Winter winds howl, much like the raging winds of late-summer or early-fall hurricanes do.