Toward vs. Towards Worksheet

Category: Miscellaneous

Practice your miscellaneous English for various country usages with this Toward vs. Towards Worksheet. These 10 exercises ask you to identify the correct American/Canadian spelling and the correct British/Australian English spelling.

Toward vs. Towards Worksheet


For the even-numbered exercises that follow, select the spelling that is perceived as correct in American and Canadian English. For the odd-numbered exercises that follow, select the spelling that is perceived as correct in British and Australian English.

  • Everyone on the team is working (toward/towards) a common goal.

  • The recently crawling infant keeps inching (toward/towards) the apparently enticing bowl of dog food.

  • We did not see much of Kelly’s parents in Las Vegas, but we could usually spot her father’s head as he rushed (toward/towards) one of the card tables seconds after we all entered the casino.

  • The believed threat of global warming has pushed many people around the world (toward/towards) more environmentally friendly habits, purchases and behaviors.

  • The dancers slowly moved (toward/towards) the center of the stage with gracefully beautiful and flowing movements.

  • If you are heading (toward/towards) the festival, you should know that there is an insanely large number of people crowding the streets.

  • Wanda said she would probably arrive a bit later in the evening, so we can expect her (toward/towards) the end of the first speech.

  • Many people who have near-death experiences that render them unconscious claim to feel themselves moving (toward/towards) a bright light shortly before they regain consciousness.

  • When you are skiing down a mountain and find yourself heading straight (toward/towards) a tree, what is the best course of action to avoid injury?

  • Regardless of what the printed directions say, the route we are on is taking us (toward/towards) our desired destination much faster.