Contractions Worksheet

Category: Miscellaneous

Use this Contractions Worksheet for practice in avoiding this miscellaneous error in formal writing. Ten exercises require you to identify the use of contractions and to correct the improper usage by rewriting the parts of sentences containing contractions.

Contractions Worksheet


In the exercises below, circle any contractions, and spell out the words used to create them underneath the sentence in which they appear.

  • You can’t stop progress, so it’s best to learn to adapt as the world around you changes.

  • The unequivocally positive response wasn’t expected, so we’re pleasantly surprised.

  • You’ve wasted enough time chasing a girl who is beyond your reach.

  • It’s time to start fresh and branch out into the world of dating, where you’re more likely to meet someone suited to you.

  • The biggest and baddest monster truck doesn’t always win; just like nice guys don’t always finish last.

  • If she wants to avoid getting lost, she’ll follow us closely as we drive to the abandoned farmhouse that’s supposed to have the ghost.

  • Who’s responsible for the regulations? Maybe your anger should stay directed at the government that created the taxes, not on the store clerk who simply sells the products to you.

  • It’s unlikely that I’ll ever see that man again; our blind date was possibly the most horrible date I’ve ever had.

  • Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people stopped the unnecessary violence that plagues so many areas and communities?

  • Clancy couldn’t believe the extent to which his bosses went to save money on their taxes; he believes they’ve clearly crossed the line between what’s ethical and what’s not.