Future Tense "Will" Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Utilize this Future Tense “Will” Worksheet with exercises that require you to rewrite sentences to eliminate this miscellaneous writing error when a particular style guide deems it necessary or to help you avoid shifts in verb tense.

Future Tense “Will” Worksheet


In each of the exercise below, reword or rewrite each sentence to eliminate the future tense of “will.”

  • Nothing will ever come between Pebbles and Bam-Bam.

  • The ladies in the class are like yoga superheroes; I will never enjoy that amount of flexibility.

  • Unable to fully pronounce all consonants yet, her 3-year-old son claims he will one day sit as the U.S. “Pesiden.”

  • I will go stark-raving mad if the stores continue to play Christmas music incessantly during the Christmas shopping season.

  • Big, white tennis shoes will not help his lack of fashion sense.

  • I will never ask for anything again if I can have the last piece of German chocolate cake!

  • That man will never find a girlfriend as long as he wears his pants pulled all the way up to his chest; high-water jeans are so not cool.

  • “Will nothing I do ever suffice?” I wondered to myself after jumping through hoops for my boss all day.

  • Instead of going with the flow, Janet will try to micromanage and have her hand in every aspect of the group projects.

  • Despite constant heckling from my friends, I will rank Meat Loaf among my top favorite music artists of all time until I take my last breath.