Interjections Worksheet

Category: Mechanics

Keep your writing mechanics top notch with this Interjections Worksheet. Identify interjections in the exercises provided as a learning tool. Mark each one as a strong or mild interjection, and start recognizing interjections more easily.

Interjections Worksheet


For each sentence, underline the interjection, and identify whether each is a mild or strong interjection.

  • Shh! The baby is finally sleeping.

  • Sure, I’ll go to lunch with you – if you’re paying!

  • Wow! It is hard to believe she was so totally clueless that she had no inkling her job performance was so poor.

  • Did you want some cheese with that wine, eh?

  • Ugh, I am truly sorry, but I cannot make it later tonight.

  • Hurrah! The NY Giants won the Super Bowl.

  • Well, I guess my answer depends on what you want as well; as much as I’d like everything to stay focused on me, you are part of this, too.

  • Uh huh, I’m sure that is exactly what you meant.

  • Oops! I dropped the carton of eggs on the floor and made a huge mess!

  • Maybe I am way off base here, but you must feel that way sometimes too, right?