Transitional Phrases Worksheet

Category: Mechanics

Practice your sentence mechanics with this Transitional Phrases Worksheet. Two different types of exercises help you master making proper transitions through fill-in-the-blank and sentence writing learning tools.

Transitional Phrases Worksheet


“For exercises 1-5 below, fill in the blank with an appropriate transitional phrase (or word), so that the connection between the two sentences is clear.

For exercises 6-10 below, rewrite the information into two sentences. The sentences can stand alone, or you can connect them with a semicolon. Use a transitional word or phrase to make the connection between the sentences. Condense and/or omit information to shorten the final two sentences as you see fit as long as a transition is shown with an appropriate transitional phrase.

  • Tammy went to the bank to cash her pay check; _________________, she realized her wallet with her identification was still at home.

  • My mother always believes in staying prepared for any emergencies; _________________, our basement always has plenty of bottled water, canned goods and other emergency supplies.

  • The right footwear is vital to workout safety; _________________, anyone who engages in a vigorous workout runs a higher risk of feet, ankle and leg injuries with it.

  • When you smile, you use 17 muscles; _________________, you use 43 muscles when you frown.

  • Tom always takes a short nap after work because it alleviates any stress from a long day at work; _________________, it gives him more energy to spend the evening playing with his children.

  • Retirement is a rite of passage after a life of hard work. Too many people view it as punishment for growing old.

  • Very few people enjoy solitude. Even when they find themselves alone, they flick on the TV, hop on a computer or turn to their cell phone. They let the whole world in, destroying the silence of the solitude.

  • Claire’s boyfriend loves trying new foods. Claire is extremely picky when it comes to trying new things out on her palette. Cooking for them proves difficult when planning a dinner party.

  • The recent college graduate was apprehensive about finding a job after sending out more than 50 resumes and not getting a response. Almost five weeks after he mailed the last one, he received several phone calls for interviews.

  • The list of books I want to read is constantly growing. All my favorite authors keep writing new books faster than I can keep up with them. I rarely have time to read even though I love doing it.