Sentence Fragments Worksheet

Category: Mechanics

Tackle the exercises in this Sentence Fragment Worksheet to work on your sentence mechanics. First identify any fragments and whether the subject or action is missing, and then practice turning sentence fragments into complete sentences.

Sentence Fragments Worksheet


Identify whether the sentence fragments below are missing the subject or the action. Once you have identified what is missing, turn the sentence fragments into complete sentences, rewording when necessary.

  • Driving on the expressway during lunch hour.

  • The girl who sat in the corner during the dance.

  • Whether you want to admit you were wrong or continue to stay belligerent with your unsupported theory.

  • To prove to everyone else that he could do it.

  • The doctor, who had just finished his surgical residency.

  • If no one else has a problem with the decision.

  • Dancing gleefully across the room to celebrate her unlikely victory.

  • The football player with his head in his hands in shame over the fumble that cost his team the possession.

  • All the ideas, thoughts and theories compiled from each student’s notes.

  • The actress who played the boxer in Clint Eastwood’s “Million Dollar Baby.”