Participles Worksheet

Category: Mechanics

Practice your sentence mechanics with this Participles Worksheet that focuses on recognizing particles and particle phrases. The exercises also require you to identify the noun or pronoun that is modified by the use of participles in each sentence.

Participles Worksheet


For each of the following exercises, add parentheses to enclose supplemental information, acronyms and dates or letters and/or numbers in a series. Add or remove any punctuation as needed to use the parentheses correctly.

  • The recumbent senator firmly squashed any hope the competing candidates had for winning the election when the voting exit-poll statistics were made public.

  • Rich sees all the animals on the planet as simply sharing his world; he does not view himself as superior to them.

  • Americans who find themselves propelled into poverty by governmental policies usually harbor resentment.

  • Mesmerized by the dancer’s breathtaking performance, the opening-night audience held its breath until the music stopped playing.

  • Having a photographic memory upon which you could recall for any information you needed would feel much like having an internet search engine built into your head.

  • The onlookers continued hanging around the crime scene hoping to catch a glimpse of something ghastly.

  • Her car fully loaded with Christmas presents, my sister finally showed up to help prepare for the family gathering.

  • Since we had not played Monopoly in quite some time, we reviewed the rules pertaining to the purchase and sale of houses and hotels.

  • The performer was very small in stature, but her powerful voice enveloped the crowd and stunned many people.

  • My paper is finished, and I have already turned the completed version in for grading.