Dangling Modifiers Worksheet

Category: Mechanics

Utilize this Dangling Modifiers Worksheet to improve the mechanics of your writing. Ten exercises require you to identify and fix any dangling modifiers so that the correct word is modified.

Dangling Modifiers Worksheet


Fix the dangling modifier in each example below by rewriting or adding to each sentence so that the person or thing doing the action is the word that is modified.

  • Slathered with cream cheese, my family is sure to drool over the bagels I picked up for breakfast.

  • Cassidy found her missing shoe cleaning the bathroom closet.

  • Blasting and pulsating through the car speakers, Paul was loving every minute of his road trip CDs.

  • The author dedicated her newest novel to her beloved cat who was formerly a business executive.

  • Scrambling to recover the fumble, the football rolled out of bounds before it was covered by a player from either team.

  • Steer clear of the menacing dog down the street that is growling.

  • Gazing out the open hotel window, the ocean’s gentle lapping as waves hit the shore was both relaxing and mesmerizing.

  • We had the pleasure of seeing many exotic animals on vacation in Africa.

  • The deadly spider almost bit one of Mark’s classmates that was horrendously huge and hairy.

  • While reading email, the cat jumped onto the computer keyboard and tried to stretch out for a nap.