Coordinating Conjunctions Worksheet

Category: Mechanics

Improve your sentence mechanics with this Coordinating Conjunctions Worksheet featuring fill-in-the-blank exercises. Through writing in the correct conjunction, you learn how to better connect words, phrases and clauses.

Coordinating Conjunctions Worksheet


For each of the exercises below, fill in the blank with a coordinating conjunction that correctly completes each sentence. Sometimes, more than one coordinating conjunction can complete the sentence; however, you only need to write in one of them.

  • I plan to hit the bookstore this weekend ____________ pick up the new John Grisham book.

  • She ate lunch about 20 minutes ago, ____________ it is unlikely she is hungry enough to eat a muffin at the coffee shop.

  • Jonathan’s parents do not know about their anniversary party, ____________ make sure you do not mention it ____________ ruin the surprise.

  • Since Shelly turned 30, her parents have reminded her that it is about time she settles down ____________ starts a family.

  • Greg did not want to sell his collectors’ Star Wars toys, ____________ he really needed the extra cash from doing so.

  • It is snowing heavily; you probably want to wear your boots, ____________ your feet do not get wet.

  • The secret to happiness is not about making as much money as you can, ____________ is it about what kind of car you drive ____________ how big your house is.

  • Brent had the highest score on the test, ____________ he did not feel like he knew the material very well.

  • My weekend was pretty uneventful; mostly I just sat around the house ____________ watched television ____________ read.

  • Brad left exceptionally early to try to beat the rush-hour traffic, ____________ he still ended up catching the tail end of it ____________ arriving a bit late.