Compound Nouns Worksheet

Category: Mechanics

Utilize this Compound Nouns Worksheet to practice your ability to recognize this part of speech to facilitate stronger mechanics in your writing. The exercises have you identify any compound nouns contained within the example sentences whether they are one word or more than one word.

Compound Nouns Worksheet


In each of the following exercises, circle any compound nouns. Remember that compound nouns sometimes form one word and sometimes form more than one.

  • While Chad could not decide whether a dragonfly or a goldfish was a cooler pet, his cat wanted him to choose the goldfish.

  • While her preferences are a little baffling to me, Carrie’s favorite foods include grapefruit and eggplant.

  • The drummer desperately needed new drumsticks, so his band played a trick on him and brought him a bucketful of Kentucky Fried Chicken drumsticks.

  • Her grandmother was dating a fellow almost 20 years her junior, which put the gossip mongers on full alert.

  • The hidden classroom was out of use for so long that cobwebs lurked in every corner.

  • The computer’s output capacity exceeded even the IT department’s expectations.

  • The Halloween teddy bear was so adorable that I could not resist buying it for myself, even though I was shopping for a birthday present for my nephew.

  • Eating cranberry sauce is my niece’s favorite part of Thanksgiving.

  • Her jack-in-the-box was Donna’s favorite toy as a child; she could play with it for hours and never grow bored.

  • When my parents were in high school, they had fewer classmates than most students seem to have today.