Verb Tenses: Simple Past

The simple past tense is formed by using the past tense of a verb by adding the helping (auxiliary) verb “did” or a “state of being” verb in front of it. Regular verbs in the past tense usually end in “ed.” The past tense for irregular verbs varies. This tense is used to write about events in the past. The events could have occurred at any time in the past whether it was seconds or millions of years, and it does not matter if the event occurred over a short or long period of time. Most importantly, the past tense dictates that something occurred in the past, is completely finished or the time and place is stated or understood. Consider the following examples:

Example 1: The graduation lasted almost three hours (verb form is the past participle only).

Example 2: Skylar was late for the appointment (helping verb “was” is used in front of the past participle form of the irregular verb “late”).