Verb Tense Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Improve your grammar with this Verb Tense Worksheet that helps you learn how to identify shifts in verb tenses. Ten exercises have you circle the correct verb tense from a word or group of words in parentheses in order to maintain the same tense throughout the entire sentence.

Verb Tense Worksheet


For each of the exercises below, circle the correct word or words that maintain the same verb tense in each sentence.

  • By the end of next week, she (will already have completed/has already completed) the assignment for next Monday.

  • On our last trip to NYC, we (had/have) the chance to visit Washington, DC, but we decided to save it for next year’s trip.

  • She (has worked/is working) on the same project for days with no end in sight.

  • Next year, my parents (are celebrating/will be celebrating/have celebrated) their 20th wedding anniversary.

  • He (did not attend/is not attending/will not be attending) the presentation yesterday because he was out sick.

  • The couple (had been/were/has been) living together for three years when they decided to make it official by getting married.

  • (Did you ever see/have you ever seen/do you ever see) anything unusually going on in the apartment on the third floor?

  • While the dancer (was warming up/warmed up/had been warming up), the rest of the troupe went back on stage to take a bow.

  • I (would never admit/ did not admit/will never admit) to having done anything on purpose; I plead the fifth.

  • Whenever my sister talks to the fellow she has a crush on, she (gets/got) butterflies in her stomach.