3rd Person Pronouns Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Tackle this Third Person Pronouns Worksheet to test your ability to select an appropriate pronoun that maintains proper grammar. Ten exercises have you identify the correct pronoun, and decide whether it is objective, subjective or possessive.


For each of the following exercises, fill in the blank with an appropriate third person pronoun. Above each pronoun, write an “S” if it is a subjective case pronoun, an “O” if it is an objective case pronoun and a “P” if it is a possessive case pronoun.

  • Tyler did not like the creamed soup; ____________ would much rather have one with a clear broth.

  • ____________ were not at the last game, but Nelson’s have attended all of the other basketball games this season.

  • However the company perceives the shortcoming, ____________ is still something that hurts Bill’s effectiveness as a manager.

  • ____________ grandmother made Scott a quilt with pieces of clothing ____________ wore at various ages.

  • ____________ went to the store to pick up ingredients for homemade pizza and bread sticks because ____________ boyfriend was craving ____________.

  • The waiter glanced at the table in an attempt to remember if both of ____________ ordered a bowl of soup or if one ordered a cup of ____________.

  • The football team and ____________ coaches worked exceptionally hard to make the playoffs this year.

  • That purple house on the end of the block is ____________, and yes, ____________ picked a rather unusual color to paint ____________ home.

  • ____________ went to the male changing rooms in order to try on the pants ____________ selected for ____________ graduation.

  • Make sure to ask ____________ both for a donation before ____________ leave to head back home.