Subordinate Conjunctions Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Use this Subordinate Conjunctions Worksheet to learn how to recognize this type of conjunction. These grammar exercises help you learn the proper construction and punctuation for sentences containing these connecting words.


In each of the examples below, identify the subordinate conjunction by drawing a circle around it, and apply any missing commas required to offset the subordinate clause containing the subordinate conjunction.

  • Cassandra left the park because it started to rain.

  • While you might enjoy the feel of raindrops falling on your face I do not enjoy standing in the rain even if it is only a light drizzle.

  • If you read though the instructions carefully you should have no problem answering the questions in the correct format.

  • Receiving the most enjoyment from your purchase depends on whether you are happy with it in general.

  • Grandma checked behind the recliner because her grandson, Luke, sometimes liked to hide a cookie or two behind it.

  • Whenever the silence grows too heavy Laura starts singing one of her favorite songs out loud.

  • Linda only washes laundry once she has gathered the dirty clothes from all three of her children’s bedrooms.

  • Even though Lance tends to do well on most tests he was really worried about his calculus exam.

  • Larry did not intend to stay later unless his employer paid overtime.

  • The check is in the mail provided that the mail went out on time in this horrendous snow storm.