Subject/Verb Agreement Worksheet

Category: Grammar

Use this Subject/Verb Agreement Worksheet to ensure your grammar skills are fine tuned. In each of the exercises, you must identify which verb agrees with the subject of each sentence to maintain the agreement.


For each of the following exercises, circle the correct verb to maintain subject/verb agreement within the sentence.

  • Stevie and Garth religiously (watch/watches) every NFL football game possible during the season.

  • If we start now, there (is/are) time to finish the project before dinner.

  • Her friends who are in the same class (wish, wishes) she would join their study group.

  • Either my mother or my sister (is/are) joining me for dinner a movie this weekend.

  • Regardless of how much free time someone has, everyone (need/needs) a little down time to unwind at the end of the day.

  • When Scottie was grocery shopping, he could not help but (notice/notices) how fresh the grocery store’s produce looked.

  • The hope and expectations of Packers fans (is/are) high for next season despite the disappointing finish to the 2011 season.

  • After your mud-puddle jumping escapades, your jacket and pants definitely (need/needs) a thorough cleaning!

  • The set of four crystal glasses (is/are) an elegant addition to your dinner service for any occasion.

  • Even though a majority of the players practice and play hard, the coach and the athletic director (feel/feels) that the players could play more cohesively as a team.